Parent Quotes

"Very happy parents. Thank you all. The hard work and dedication of all support staff and teachers is much appreciated."

"I am very happy to say my son has settled in to Belvidere life well. He is extremely happy at school and seems to enjoy every lesson. Really lovely to hear such positive feedback from staff."

"Could not ask for more, excellent school and staff."

"We would just like to thank Belvidere School for providing such an excellent and nurturing environment for our children. Staff are always friendly and supportive and keen to offer assistenace as and when reqiured."

"We have been really pleased with all aspects of our son's education at Belvidere School and the excellent progress he has made. Thank you"

"We are very grateful for the huge amount of extra support available outside of lessons for revision - it is really impressive and helpful."

Parents/Carers Learning Strategy and Wellbeing Evening

We offer a Learning Strategy and Wellbeing Session for parents/carers.  When it is safe to do so you are invited to come along to an informal event where you can see some of the skills that we use with the students first hand, and have an opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns, with us and other parents. During the evening there will be a series of workshops on offer where revision techniques are discussed, along with strategies to encourage the organisation of homework, coursework and revision. Each workshop is specifically designed to cover the issues that arise at different stages of students education here at Belvidere. We offer many types of pastoral support at Belvidere which help our students develop strategies for coping with the challenges of teenage life; for building emotional resilience and managing their feelings and for attending well throughout their time at Belvidere. Members of the pastoral team will be present on the evening, offering workshops on selected themes for parents/carers.

Parent Quotes
‘I didn’t know that revision could be done in so many different ways’
‘I wish that I was taught how to revise when I was at school’
‘I feel better equipped to help my son organise himself ready for his exams now, thank you.’
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At Belvidere we pride ourselves on keeping our parents and carers regularly informed about their son/daughter’s progress, as parents/carers you are actively encouraged to contact the school should you ever have any concerns.

In addition to this we do have one ‘formal’ feedback evening a year for each year group, where you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s subject teachers to discuss their progress.

Parents/Carers evenings take place from 4.30pm -7.30pm in the Hall and the Dining Hall and it works on a simple appointment system. Approximately two weeks prior to the evening, your son/daughter will be told by their form tutors and subject teachers that it is now the time to start making appointments. Parents/carers will be informed of this by email at the same time. Students should then see their subject teachers to make appointments. Appointment cards are kept in the students’ homework diary, so that parents/carers can monitor them and have a record of appointments for the actual evening. We will always endeavour to meet your requests for a specific time, but please bear in mind this may not always be possible. Appointments for each subject are at 5 minute intervals and we would appreciate if you could keep to these times to ensure that everyone is seen. Of course if there are things that you wish to discuss in greater detail, please simply contact the school and we can arrange for you to come in and meet the relevant person at a different time.

Staff will be based in the Hall/Dining hall and there will be people on hand to direct you towards the relevant staff member if you are unsure. At the end of the evening we also ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your experiences at Belvidere and ask us any questions you may have or highlight any concerns.

It is entirely up to you whether your son/daughter attends with you –we are always happy to see students at our parents/carers evening particularly in Key Stage 4 as they move closer to their GCSE examinations. This enables us to discuss their progress with both you and them, but this is by no means obligatory, often parents/carers welcome the opportunity to talk to teachers then feedback to their child, we leave it up to you to decide what suits you best!

Parents/Carers evening in 2020 take place on the following dates: all at 4:30pm
14th January –Year 11
22nd January – Year 8
3rd February – Year 7
27th February – Year 10
10th March – Year 9

Progress Review Day

What is a Progress Review Day?

It is a day on which there will be no normal lessons and pupils will only be required to attend for a compulsory meeting with their form tutor. We will focus on individual pupil targets in addition to their strengths and areas for development.

Why have a Progress Review Day?

It is very important that we monitor the progress of all pupils in order to praise and reward them as well as help them to overcome weaknesses. However, it is also very important that pupils are involved in their own learning plan in order to understand how well they are doing and how they can improve by setting themselves targets.
Form tutors play an important role in this process, since they have the closest overview of each pupil’s progress. To do their job well, they need to be able to spend individual time with each member of their tutor group to talk about achievement, progress and targets, but finding time for this is difficult. As a result, we are giving over a whole day to these important discussions.

How does it work?

On Progress Review Day, there will be no normal lessons in order that tutors will have the time they need to see pupils individually.
Each pupil will have a 10 minute meeting with a member of staff, usually either their form tutor or head of house, on that day. You will be notified of your appointment time in advance and we will try to make it as convenient a time for you as possible. Attendance at this meeting will be compulsory for the pupil and a register will be marked exactly as it would be on a normal school day.

Can Parents come too?

The day is primarily targeted at pupils, and is not meant to be a replacement for parents’ evenings. Parents are welcome to attend if they wish, however, we do appreciate that many of you have work and other commitments during the day. We will also try to accommodate sibling interviews at similar times. Parents’ evenings with subject teachers will still take place as usual throughout the academic year.

Is this a day off work for pupils?

No. Work will be set in advance by staff. This may involve pupils being set extended homework tasks. In order to formalise the day, we expect all pupils to attend their meeting wearing full school uniform including correct footwear.

Can my son/daughter work in school on that day?

If necessary, we are happy to provide designated work areas for pupils to work in school during the day. The supervised work area will be available for any pupil who needs to be in school rather than at home. We do, however, require knowing in advance who these pupils will be and are happy to cater for this only at the request of parents. All pupils must wear school uniform and must have the school’s permission to be on site.

Communicating with our Parents

To improve our communication with you regarding letters, newsletters and other information, which normally comes home via your child in a paper form, we will send letters and messages directly to you using e-mail and/or text messages. These messages could include school closure due to bad weather, parents evening reminders and school trip information, sent to you in a more reliable way.

IMPORTANT - Most of the school messages will be sent from Belvidere School Please make sure that you add this email address to your approved sender list or email address book to prevent the school emails being blocked by your SPAM/JUNK filters.

Should your details change at any point once your child has started at Belvidere, please contact the school to inform us so that we can update our system.

Parent Voice

At Belvidere, we are always keen to engage with our parents and carers and find out their views on the school. This can be done in a number of ways, by contacting school completing questionnaires or through the termly Parent/Carer voice meetings.

This is an opportunity for you to come into school and meet with members of the senior management team and discuss issues that are relevant to you, your child and the wider school environment. Each meeting will have a focus/theme and parents/carers are invited to come along and share their thoughts as well as listen to each other’s ideas and those of the school. The will also be an open forum at the end of each meeting allowing you to discuss anything that you would like to bring up. Whilst we can’t always promise an immediate answer or solution, we shall listen carefully to everything said and respond accordingly.

Details of the dates of these sessions will appear on the school calendar as well as reminders sent by e mail. We look forward to meeting you then.