Parent Quotes

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"Very happy parents. Thank you all. The hard work and dedication of all support staff and teachers is much appreciated."

" I am really pleased with how you and your staff have dealt with the pandemic. I am reassured that you have the best interests of your staff and students at the forefront of your decision making. "

"It must be so hard for the teachers that the school year and all the work put in to get the students through GCSEs has ended so abruptly."

"I am very happy to say my son has settled in to Belvidere life well. He is extremely happy at school and seems to enjoy every lesson. Really lovely to hear such positive feedback from staff."

"Could not ask for more, excellent school and staff."

"We would just like to thank Belvidere School for providing such an excellent and nurturing environment for our children. Staff are always friendly and supportive and keen to offer assistance as and when required."

"We have been really pleased with all aspects of our son's education at Belvidere School and the excellent progress he has made. Thank you"

"We are very grateful for the huge amount of extra support available outside of lessons for revision - it is really impressive and helpful."

Communicating with our Parents

To improve our communication with you regarding letters, newsletters and other information, which normally comes home via your child in a paper form, we will send letters and messages directly to you using e-mail and/or text messages. These messages could include school closure due to bad weather, parents evening reminders and school trip information, sent to you in a more reliable way.

IMPORTANT - Most of the school messages will be sent from Belvidere School Please make sure that you add this email address to your approved sender list or email address book to prevent the school emails being blocked by your SPAM/JUNK filters.

Should your details change at any point once your child has started at Belvidere, please contact the school to inform us so that we can update our system.

Parent/Carer Voice

Of great importance is frequent engagement with our parents and carers so that as a whole school community we have a good understanding of all stakeholder views and opinions on school matters. We therefore really welcome and value feedback from you. We provide opportunities for this in a number of ways - contacting school, completing questionnaires, or through our Parent and Carer Voice evenings.

Parent and Carer Voice Evenings
This is an opportunity for you to come into school and meet with members of the senior leadership team to discuss issues that are relevant to you, your child and the wider school environment. Each meeting will have a focus/theme and is a forum for all members of the school community to share their thoughts and ideas. Whilst we can’t always promise an immediate answer or solution, we shall listen carefully and respond accordingly. Details of the dates of these evenings will appear on the school calendar as well as reminders sent by email. We look forward to meeting you then.

Wellbeing and Learning Strategy Evening

Wellbeing and Learning Strategy Evening

In the Autumn Term we offer a Wellbeing and Learning Strategy evening for parents and carers. This is an informal event at which you will have an opportunity to discuss issues and concerns with us and other parents, as well as finding out how you can support your child’s home learning and revision. You will able to attend workshops and drop-in sessions which are specifically designed to cover issues that arise at different stages of students’ education here at Belvidere.

We offer many types of pastoral support at Belvidere which help our students develop strategies for coping with the challenges of teenage life, for building emotional resilience and managing their feelings and for attending well throughout their time at Belvidere. Members of the pastoral team will be present on the evening, to help and advise parents/carers.

At Belvidere we pride ourselves on keeping our parents and carers regularly informed about their son/daughter’s progress, as parents/carers you are actively encouraged to contact the school should you ever have any concerns. Through this fostering of open and honest school-home relationships, students are more likely to reach their potential and have the necessary support identified and in place to thrive and succeed.

In addition to this we do have one ‘formal’ feedback evening a year for each year group, where you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s subject teachers to discuss their progress.

Parents/Carers evenings take place from 4.30pm - 7.30pm in the Hall and the Dining Hall, working on a simple appointment system. An email will be sent home about the forthcoming event. Students should then see their subject teachers to make the 5 minute appointment for each subject, recording the time in their homework diary for parents/carers to see. These are subject to availability on the evening. If required, a discussion at a later date can also be arranged with members of staff.

At the end of the evening we ask for your valuable feedback through the completion of a short questionnaire about your experiences at Belvidere, and to provide you with an opportunity to ask us any questions you may have or highlight any concerns. 

We encourage students to accompany their parents/carers to this evening, as this gives the opportunity for everyone to discuss progress and celebrate success.  However, often parents/carers welcome the opportunity to talk to teachers unaccompanied then feedback to their child - we leave it up to you to decide! 

Our Progress evenings in 2022/2023 will take place on the following dates:
29th September 2022 – Year 11
8th November 2022 – Year 8
19th January 2023 – Year 9
28th March 2023 – Year 11
25th May 2023 - Year 7
15th June 2023 - Year 10