School Sweatshirts


Our pupils are ambassadors of the school and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the standards we seek to achieve. It is vital that our students portray our school in the best possible light in the local community. Equally, we want our students to take pride in their own appearance, preparing them for their post-16 careers after their Belvidere journey.

Please support us in ensuring that your child always wears the correct uniform in line with our policy. We are fully aware that often due to unforeseen circumstances this cannot always occur, in these incidences, please can you supply your child with a note explaining any problems. Any child wearing incorrect uniform without a note of explanation, will be set a detention or may even be sent home to change.

For health and safety reasons trainers should not be worn and all shoes should be flat. Jewellery can be worn (apart from in PE lessons), which consists of one ring, watch and one pair of stud earrings. No other body piercings are allowed. Ear lobe stretchers, bars or multiple ear piercings are not permitted under any circumstances. If students decide to break this rule, then they will be asked to remove the additional items and persistent offenders may have them confiscated. Students should avoid extreme hairstyles and contact the school if they planning a new style and wish to seek advice. There are also specialist items for some subjects. Aprons are required for Art and Design and Technology, to protect the uniform from damage.

Makeup must be kept to a minimum and nail varnish is not permitted.

Pictorial guide to uniform requirements here...


The following equipment is considered an essential minimum to be brought to school each day:

  • Black or blue pens (and spares)
  • Pencilsequipment
  • Rubber
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Pencil case
  • Coloured pencils
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
  • Calculator – you will be told what type
  • Homework diary
  • A suitable sized bag to carry all equipment
  • PE Kit – on days when you have PE

Tippex or any other form of correction fluid is not allowed in school.

Uniform Requirements

We insist on students wearing correct uniform both in registration and during lessons.


Black tailored trousers (not leggings or cropped trousers) OR
Black skirt no more than 5cm above the knee, and not tightly-fitted. (see below)
Plain white or school polo shirt with Belvidere motif 

Lower School:

Black school sweatshirt with Belvidere motif

Upper School:

Maroon school sweatshirt with Belvidere motif


Plain black leather (no heels)
No pumps, boots or visible sports branding


Parents are strongly advised to ensure that personal property, including all items of uniform, are clearly marked with their child's name. Whilst every effort will be made to safeguard property, the school  cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.

PE Uniform

PE UniformAcceptable
Belvidere PE shirt

Black bottoms; can include shorts, tracksuit bottoms and leggings (at HOD discretion)
Black or red football socks
House colour football socks (HOUSE SPORTS)
Trainers - one indoor pair, one outdoor pair
Football boots
One piece swimming costume/trunks (Year 7 only)
Shin guards (Compulsory for all contact sports)
Gum shield (Strongly advised)

Belvidere PE Skirt
Belvidere Training Top
Belvidere Rugby Top
Compression tops

Not Acceptable
Logo t-shirts
Football shirts
School sweatshirts
Aerosol deodorants (Safety reasons)

Uniform Suppliers

SchoolShop SchoolShop1
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9-5pm.
Sat 9-4pm. 
 Order online or buy from the shop.
Unit 17-18 Sundorne Trade Park, Featherbed Lane, Shrewsbury, Shropshire,
SY1 4NS. Tel: 01743 440449
or send an email

tesco uniform
Embroidered Uniforms for Belvidere School are available to order from Tesco.
Brochure here...
Tesco website here...

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones, MP3 players and other electronic equipment
Students are allowed to bring to, and carry around school mobile phones should their parents wish.

Belvidere Code for Mobile Phone Use
The following rules must be followed by all students:
  • Mobile phones should remain switched off and in a bag when inside the school building.
  • Mobile phones may only be switched on and used by students outside, during break and lunchtime.
  • Mobile phones must never be used either to photograph a student, a member of staff or visitor to the school without their express permission.
  • Incidences of mobile phones being used in school to bully, intimidate or harass anyone will be dealt with severely.
  • Students should never carry material on their phone which they would be unhappy about an adult or parent viewing.

Students failing to observe these rules will, in the first instance, have their phone confiscated. Phones can then be collected from the School Office at the end of the school day.