During August we offer our summer school to Year 6 students who are due to start here in September. This is four days of fun filled activities that include team building games, building and launching power rockets (getting extremely wet in the process!), basic First Aid training, having fun within the science laboratory, dropping eggs from a great height, arts, craft, drama, music and getting to spend time making something in our purpose built workshop.

As well as a huge emphasis on having fun through learning, we also focus on making sure that children feel happy and secure about the move to secondary school. A portion of each day is given over to activities that encourage the children to get to know each other, the school building and some of the staff whom they will meet again in September. This goes a long way to allay any concerns or fears that they may have and most importantly, it means that they walk through the gates for the first time in September, knowing that they have already made friends with students from other schools and are much more familiar with the school environment.

All of the activities are offered free of charge to any student who is due to start at Belvidere. In September, students can come for the all four days, just one day or anything in between to suit them and their parents or carers.

We are planning to run the same exciting summer school programme in August 2021 – we look forward to welcoming your child to this should they decide to join us.

Summer School 2017

Students were asked to sum up their summer school experience in just one word, here is a sample of the responses: 
“Epic”, “Awesome”, “Fun”, “Exciting”, “Amazing”

Summer School comments

"All my questions about Belvidere have been answered" - Year 6 student

"I came for all of the days. They were great fun and I did a range of activities" - year 6 student

"Summer School really helped me to settle in, I know so many people now"  - year 6 student

“The timings of the day were perfect – it allowed us to enjoy our summer holiday and also enabled our daughter to ask all sorts of questions she had thought about during the holidays” – Parent of Year 6 student.

“I don't feel nervous about starting Belvidere now” – Year 6 student.

“The summer school was an excellent idea which definitely developed my son’s confidence.  Thank you to all involved” – Parent of Year 7 student.