Science LessonThe school has approximately 60 Teachers and a strong support team of Teaching Assistants and Support Staff. All our staff are dedicated to the children, school and the community.

Senior Management Team

Mr Pete Johnstone


Mrs Kathryn Parsons

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Claire Collier

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Clare Davis

Assistant Headteacher - Pastoral

Mr Steve Thomas

Community Coordinator

Mrs Sarah Donoghue

Student Progress

Mrs Jenny Pattinson

Timetable and Curriculum

Mrs Katherine Mills

Business Manager


Teaching Staff






Ms L Troughear

Head of Department

Mrs K Staton


Miss L Peet

Second in Department

Mr D Seager

PSHE Coordinator

Ms A Reading

ASM - Year 8/Literacy Coordinator

Mrs S Nightingale


Mrs A Rees 


Mrs N Williams







Mrs N Richards

Head of Department

Mrs J Cadwell

  ASM - Year 10/Numeracy Coordinator

Mrs E Brookes

Second in Department

Mr M Lowe

  ASM - Year 9

Mrs C Collier

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K Owen 


Mrs L Hill


Mrs Y Rose-Martin










Mr R Ball

Subject Leader Physics

Mrs S Donoghue

SMT Student Progress

Mrs D Nicholson

 Head of Stokesay House & LAC

Miss S Goodier


Mrs J Speake

Subject Leader Biology

Mr P Johnstone


Mrs E Raeside

Subject Leader Chemistry

Mrs S Bryant


Ms K Poyser

ASM - Year 11

Mrs L Dale


Miss H Thorpe

 Head of Hopton House (Maternity)




Expressive and Performing Arts




Mrs J Young

Head of Department

Mrs L Parkhouse

Subject Leader Music

Miss H Richardson

Subject Leader Art

 Mr S Thomas

 SMT Community Coordinator









Ms B Samuel

Head of Department

Mr D Russell


Miss M Revell

Head of  Hopton House

Mrs J Duly


Mr A Jones












Mrs J Pattinson

SMT Timetable and Curriculum/Head of Department

Mr M Lloyd


Miss A Iqbal

Head of Ludlow House







Computing and Business




Mr S McGinley

Subject Leader Computing

Mrs M Gregory

Subject Leader Business





Modern Languages




Miss H Proctor

Head of Department

Ms S Nelson

Subject leader Spanish

Miss E Bourne


Mrs C Davis

Assistant Headteacher - Pastoral

Mrs K Saunders





Religious Education




Mrs J Clegg

Head of Department

Mrs K Fardoe


Ms J Forster






Physical Education




Mrs R Barber

Head of Department

Miss L Jones

ASM - Year 7
Subject Leader Dance

Mr R Coles


Mrs K Docherty


Mr G Jones












Ms S Block


Mrs J Koster


Mrs D Smith

Subject Leader Textiles

Mrs J Donoghue


Mrs J Sankey

Head of Department

Miss R Phillips

Head of Year 11

Mr N Gregory

Subject Leader Resistant Materials
Head of Whittington House




Specialist Support Staff




Mrs Katherine Mills

Business Manager

Mrs T Naylor

Reprographics/Work Experience/SMT Support

Mrs H Lambie

Assessment/Reporting/SMT Support

Ms S Mars

Attendance/SMT Support

Mrs L Yates


Miss D Martin

Reception Apprentice

Mrs R Gittins

Assessment/SMT Support

Mr M Hill

Pastoral Support Assistant

Mrs C Evans

Finance/Trips Administrator/SMT Support

Mrs C Brown

Student Intervention

Mrs A Williams

Pastoral Support Officer

Mr I Evans

Examinations Officer

Mrs C McGinley

Library Manager

Mrs R Davies

PLC Manager

Ms L Sumner

Cover Manager

Mrs J Harris

Cover Supervisor

Mr M Griffiths

Network Manager

Mr S Lewis

Behaviour Support

Mr J Moore

ICT Technician/Frog/Curriculum Support

Mrs L Chapman

Family Support Worker

Mrs D Bebb

Lead Science Technician

Mr M Devine-Turner

Science Technician

Mrs S Macmillan

Reading Intervention Officer

Mr V Parish

Technology Technician

Mr P Stanton

Careers Advisor

Mr D Jones

Expressive Arts Technician

Mrs B Richards

HLTA/First Aid

Mrs K Roberts

Teaching Assistant/First Aid

Mrs L Murray

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Downes

Teaching Assistant/SEND Admin

Mrs P Edwards

Teaching Assistant/First Aid

Mrs E Gregory

Teaching Assistant/First Aid

Mrs S Bradshaw

Teaching Assistant/First Aid

Mrs A McNally

Teaching Assistant

Mr I Guerrero

Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Osmond

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Newman

Teaching Assistant/First Aid

Mrs S Lewis

Catering Manager

Mrs T Crowe

Teaching Assistant

Mr P Knipp

Teaching Assistant/First Aid

Mrs J Skone

Teaching Assistant/First Aid

Mrs L Holiday

Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Passant 

Teaching Assistant

 Miss H Newton Jones

 Teaching Assistant/First Aid

Ms A Samules

Teaching Assistant



Mr M Edwards

Premises Manager

Mr C Edwards 

Site Maintenance Officer

Ms J Davies

Site Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs C Green

Lunchtime Supervisor/Display Technician

Mrs M Islam

Lunchtime Supervisor