Silver House LogoMr Gregory

Welcome to Whittington House


My name is Mr Gregory and I will be your Head of House. I have been working at Belvidere for 16 years and during this time have taught Resistant Materials within the Technology Department and looked after a number of form groups. This past 4 years’ however, have seen me take responsibility for Whittington House.

Whittington House will always have a friendly face to turn to for help and support, no matter what your concerns. If you are a little unsure about which classroom your lessons are in and where these rooms are someone will always be there to help you. If you have other specific issues, I will always find someone to help. You must never feel alone with no one to turn to. Everyone in Whittington is here to help and support YOU!

I expect you to be polite, well- mannered and friendly. I would like you to always try your best in everything you do and be honest to yourself and others. Supporting each other in times of difficulty and looking out for each other, are very important qualities that our house will promote.

During the year there will be sporting challenges, academic quizzes and general competitions for us ALL to enter. Everyone has a part to play in Whittington House. We all have different strengths and I need you to volunteer and get involved. Whether your talent lies in a sporting activity; arts and crafts; or music … you are all important and valued. These extra- curricular activities are put on for us to win points for our House. However, win lose or draw we need to take part, try our hardest and more importantly, with a smile on our face.

“Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much”