Reading Intervention

It is widely recognised that reading opens the door to achievement. Supporting our students in developing their literacy will lead to improvements across the curriculum.

As part of our aim to improve the standard of literacy for all students at Belvidere, we run a reading intervention programme. The project allows students to spend time reading in school to an adult or older student. This also provides an opportunity to discuss the reading material which in turn leads to improved comprehension and understanding.

The project promotes confidence in addition to raising reading ages and provides:

  • Individual and group reading
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Varying amounts of intervention, as required

Quotes from readers

"My reading sessions have helped me learn lots and now I read more at home."

"I like coming to the library to read because there are lots of really good books to choose from."

"Before, I could only read books with a little bit of writing on each page. Now I can read much longer, more interesting books."

"I feel more confident in lessons now because my reading has got better."

"I've enjoyed reading lots of new books and my reading has improved lots since the beginning of the year."

Welcome to Belvidere School Library!

The library is a place for you to enjoy, a safe, relaxed and friendly environment for all students and staff. The library is open to students at break and lunch times for quiet study, revision or homework - or just to read for pleasure! The Librarian and Library Assistants are happy to help you find resources or answer any queries.

Library Lessons:
Every fortnight, you will visit the library as part of your KS3 English lessons, these are called ‘Library Lessons’. You will have the opportunity to borrow one or two books for two weeks. After that time, you should return them to the library or, if you are still reading them, ask the Librarian to renew them. Please ensure you return your books on time so that other students can also enjoy them too!

What’s In The Library?
We have a fantastic range of fiction and non-fiction books. Following feedback from students, fiction is organised by genre, e.g., Dystopian, Fantasy, Spinechillers, and incorporate a wide range of texts, including short stories, novels, graphic novels and Young Adult (Y9+) reads within each genre.

Non-fiction books are organised by topic, everything from STEM to Poetry, there’s something for everyone. We also have a range of magazines and newspapers which can be found in the relevant genre/topic section, e.g., Scuba Diver, How It Works and MCN.

The library also houses a range of Functional Skills, KS3 and GCSE study and revision guides for students to borrow, alongside information about further education, careers and current College, Sixth Form and University prospectuses.

The Wellbeing and Life sections offer students and staff resources covering a wide range of topics from mental health to student hacks, health issues to meal planning – there's something for everyone!

Each year, the Librarian recruits Trainee Library Assistants from Year 7 and 8 to help out in the library at lunchtimes. They are usually asked to commit to helping out for one lunchtime per week. Many of our Library Assistants stay on until Yr 11!
To sign up for a trial, go to the Library at Tutor Time, Break or Lunchtime and see the Librarian for more information.

Quotes from Library users

“I’ve read all the manga in the Library and helped Miss choose what to get next.” - Y10 student

“I’ve been helping out since Y8 and being a Library Assistant counts towards my D of E volunteer work.” - Y11 student

“The Librarian is lovely, she really listens to me.” - Y9 student

“I love coming here at break and lunch times, It's my favourite place.” - Y8 student

In the Library

At Belvidere School Library, you can...

- Reserve a book you want to read
- Ask about book recommendations or get help finding a book
- Have a friendly chat with the Librarian or Library Assistants (it doesn’t have to be about books!)
- Take part in Library competitions with great prizes!
- Get help finding information for homework topics
- Train to be part of the Library Team

We are open from 8.30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and from 9.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as at break time and lunchtime each day.
Please check the information board regarding any other activities that may be taking place in the Library.

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