Reading Intervention

It is widely recognised that reading opens the door to achievement. Supporting our students in developing their literacy will lead to improvements across the curriculum.

As part of our aim to improve the standard of literacy for all students at Belvidere, we run a reading intervention programme. The project allows students to spend time reading in school to an adult or older student. This also provides an opportunity to discuss the reading material which in turn leads to improved comprehension and understanding.

The project promotes confidence in addition to raising reading ages and provides:

  • Individual and group reading
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Varying amounts of intervention, as required

Quotes from readers

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" I think I have improved massively, I am much more confident now"

"I am more confident now when I read."

" I like coming out to read with you. I can help my little brother and sister read now and I read a bit more at home."

" Yesterday, I read out loud in a lesson, I wouldn't have done that at the start of Year 7."

“ I read to my grandparents now and I entered a reading competition”.

“I think I have got better this year”.

“ When my mum leaves the paper on the table, I sometimes read it now”.

“ Because I read more often, I learn more things and it makes it easier for me to read”.

Welcome to Belvidere School Library...

The library is a place for you to enjoy. It’s a safe, relaxed and friendly environment for all students. All year groups are welcome to come to the library at break and lunchtime for quiet study, revision or homework – or just to read! The Librarian and Library Assistants are happy to assist with helping you find resources or with homework queries.

Library Lessons

As part of your KS3 English lessons, you will visit the library every other week to choose a book to read. These are your ‘Library Lessons’.
You may borrow one or two books for up to two weeks at a time. If you’re still reading your books after that, you can renew your books again to carry on reading!
Please make sure you return your school library books on time!

What’s in the library? More than just books!

The library has undergone a significant change in the last few months. Following feedback from students, our FICTION section (story books) has been reorganised by GENRE (e.g. Realistic Fiction, Spinechillers, Fantasy, Dystopian Fiction, Laugh Out Loud and more!) and incorporates a wide range of texts, including novels, short stories, graphic novels and Young Adult reads within each genre.

Our NON-FICTION (factual) section has also had a thorough overhaul, with sections now identified by colour band rather than the Dewey system.

Magazines and newspapers can be found throughout both the FICTION and NON-FICTION sections, according to their genre/topic, for instance, ‘Doctor Who Magazine’ can be found under Science Fiction.

AUTOBIOGRAPHIES are in the NON-FICTION section that their subject relates to, e.g. Jo Pavey and Chris Froome are in the SPORTs section, Roald Dahl is under LITERATURE etc. This will hopefully help students to choose a wider range of books rather than just those they would usually go for!

Our WELLBEING and LIFE sections are new to Belvidere School and have a wealth of information for students and staff alike, from learning about mental health issues to student life hacks, health and nutrition, first aid, driving theory practice and more – there’s something for everyone.

Our STUDY and CAREER sections are a fantastic new resource in the Library and offer a range of study skills books, CGP revision books, information about careers and case studies of successful businessmen and businesswomen.

We are now recruiting for Year 7 and Year 8 Trainee Library Assistants! To sign up for a trial, come to the library at Tutor Time, Break or Lunchtime and talk to the Library Team to find out more.

Quotes from Library users

"I like coming to the library as you can socialise and read with friends.  It’s also a quiet space for reading, revision and time to yourself.  P.S. The staff are also lovely.  The Librarian helps look after the library well" – Danielle Y10

"I like coming to the library as it is a great place to revise, read and to sit with friends.  The Librarian is also lovely" – Jade Y10

"The Librarian gets me good books" – Louis Y7

"I like coming to the library because I like reading" – Y7 student

"It’s fun and you can read books and do homework" – Frankie Y7

"I love library training because it’s fun and it’ll go on my CV" – Rowan Y9

"I like coming to the library because I get free time to read and the selections of books are amazing" – Adam Y7

"I like coming to the library because the books here are very good" – Michael Y7

"It’s fun and we have a great laugh" – Y8 student

"I have become part of the Library Team and since then I have made some of my closest friends.  It’s great fun!" – Jess Y8 (Library Assistant)

"I like the library because I like giving homework in early so I come to the library to do it" – Y7 student

"I work here and I want to be fully qualified" – Stefan Y9 (Library Assistant)

"I like the library because I love reading with friends and it’s a sociable place to come!" – Freddie Y7

"The library has given us a place to revise before our exams where we won’t be distracted" – Y11 student

In the Library

You Can...

  • Reserve a book you want to read
  • Ask about book recommendations or get help finding a book
  • Have a friendly chat with the Librarian or Library Assistants (it doesn’t have to be about books!)
  • Take part in Library competitions with great prizes!
  • Get help finding information for homework topics
  • Train to be part of the Library Team

Opening times






8:45am - 3:15pm

8:45am - 3:15pm

8:45am - 3:15pm

8:45am - 3:15pm

8:45am - 3:15pm