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Reading Intervention

It is widely recognised that reading opens the door to achievement. Supporting our students in developing their literacy will lead to improvements across the curriculum.

As part of our aim to improve the standard of literacy for all students at Belvidere, we run a reading intervention programme. The project allows students to spend time reading in school to an adult or older student. This also provides an opportunity to discuss the reading material which in turn leads to improved comprehension and understanding.

The project promotes confidence in addition to raising reading ages and provides:

  • Individual and group reading
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Variety of rewards
  • Varying amounts of intervention, as required

Quotes from Readers

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" I think I have improved massively, I am much more confident now"

"I am more confident now when I read."

" I like coming out to read with you. I can help my little brother and sister read now and I read a bit more at home."

" Yesterday, I read out loud in a lesson, I wouldn't have done that at the start of Year 7."

“ I read to my grandparents now and I entered a reading competition”.

“I think I have got better this year”.

“ When my mum leaves the paper on the table, I sometimes read it now”.

“ Because I read more often, I learn more things and it makes it easier for me to read”.


Each year, students are selected to receive an award in recognition of their continued commitment and enthusiasm, shown throughout the year. 

2016 Award winners
Year 9: 
Carl Bateman, Woody Goodall, Amelia Watkins
Year 8: Liam Croft, Axel Karolczak, Kelly Lucas
Year 7: Kitt Jones, Edward Morris, Jessica Perks

School Library

Welcome to Belvidere School Library.

As part of your English class you will be visiting the library once every 2 weeks to choose a book to read. These are called your “Library lessons”. As well as your library lessons, the Library is available throughout the school day, including break and Lunch times.
You can have 2 books out for a loan period of 2 weeks. If you’re enjoying the book and it’s due back, I can renew it for another 2 weeks. Remember to return books on time to avoid overdue letters/detentions or bills being sent home to your parents/guardians.

Using the Library

We have a collection of REFERENCE books, these can not be taken out, but they can be used while you’re in the library.
Some books found in YOUNG ADULT can only be taken out by years 9, 10 and 11.
We also have a small selection of magazine and newspapers that can be read in the library. 
Selections of DVD’s are available. All you need is a £2 deposit for overnight loan, on return of the DVD you get your £2 back.

Donations of books, Magazines, comic’s or DVD’s are very much welcomed at Belvidere School Library.

Quotes from Library users

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“I love coming and using this library now, it’s such a happy place and has lots of great new books” - member of staff

“I just wanted to reiterate what a pleasure it was having you and your students in the store, each one of them was a pleasure to deal with and I was very happy to see them reading such a diverse and interesting selection of titles.”  - Manager at Waterstones

"Thank you Miss for allowing me to be part of your library, it’s really helping me"

"Library is the place I feel safe in and have made lots of new friends too" Yr 8 Male

"The library is a more inviting place to be and I come to study for my GCSE’s because I can relax and if I need help I talk to Mrs Jex" - Yr 11 Male

"The library is my safe haven" - Yr 8 Female

"I really love going to our school library to do my homework, read and talk to Mrs Jex" - Yr 8 Female

"The Library is a fun place to be" - Yr 9 Female

"I love going to the library at break and lunchtimes, it’s the best place in the school" - Yr 8 Male

Library Code of Behaviour

The library is a quiet area to come to study, read and enjoy.
We want our library to be a safe, happy and friendly place to be,
No shouting
No food or drink allowed
No mobile phones allowed 
No fighting or messing about
No sitting on Tables

"Your library is your gateway to learning"

Opening times








8:45am - 3:15pm

8:45am - 3:15pm

8:45am - 3:15pm

8:45am - 3:15pm

8:45am - 3:15pm