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PLC Interventions and Actvities

Rachel Davies (PLC Manager) has planned a series of interventions designed to help students reflect more successfully on their behaviour.
Intervention in the Personalised Learning Centre (PLC) 

We also run the following group work and individual activities:
  • Anger management classes
  • Friendship groups for our new students
  • Young Carers drop in clinics
  • CHAT Service
  • Self-esteem workshops
  • EMPOWER courses
  • 3 Session Change
  • “No Worries” CBT workshops


Inclusion and the Personalised learning Centre (PLC)

The Inclusion and Pastoral team work hard to include all students in the everyday life of our school. Our Inclusion team, are passionate about enabling every student to access a full and varied curriculum that meets their needs. This work takes the form of small group work in lessons, 1 to 1 support from a Learning Support Assistant, or individual extraction with the SENCO. Parents are included as much as possible and the SENCO has regular contact to update on progress and suggest solutions to any issues that may arise.

It is vital that any school maintains all children in full time education and this is not only an educational priority but a social one.

Excluded children become the most vulnerable in the community. It can act to exacerbate difficult circumstances in their family life, increasing levels of stress and disruption. It is suggested that excluded children are more likely to become involved in crime. With this in mind, we opened a new centre within Belvidere School called the Personalised Learning Centre (PLC). The PLC Manager provides a structured and safe environment to enable learners to flourish.

The PLC seeks to:
  • Improve achievement
  • Improve behaviour and relationships
  • Work with teaching staff to identify the educational needs of the students
  • Work collaboratively with parents
  • Create a positive ethos and profile within the school
  • Provide high quality support

If you would like any more information on either of these areas please contact Mr Ben Dumayne.

Student Comments:
"I think my work in here has made me improve and think about my behaviour in class" Year 8
" The PLC is great, I think it is good for children to come here if they are feeling sad" Year 7
"Helps students get through tough times without compromising their education" Year 10
"Made me want to change the way I act in lessons" Year 9