At Belvidere, we have tried to develop the options procedure by introducing different types of courses, for example, vocational GCSEs and BTECs. The aim is to try to focus the options’ process on personalised learning where resources allow.

We try, through our school work and work with our Careers Alliance Careers Adviser, to consider choices beyond year 11 through to 19. Beyond Belvidere, (post 16), many students continue their education either at Shrewsbury Colleges Group. Walford College in Baschurch also offers a range of post 16 provision popular with our students. Some students will gain an apprenticeship, see - , or access a foundation learning programme leading to an apprenticeship.

Many students go on to study A levels. Others prefer a more vocational path, for example studying more practical job related qualifications at College. Study programmes such as ‘Advance’, provided by Shropshire County Training or ‘Mint’ with Juniper Training are also available for those not quite ready to obtain an apprenticeship. With ‘Raising the Participation Age’ legislation, direct entry to employment without training at 16 is restricted.

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Belvidere Options Booket 2021-23

KS4 Subjects available 2021-2023

CORE SUBJECTS Choose ONE of the  Humanities options. Choose Three from the options below. 


English Literature



Religious Studies

PE or Dance



Art - Fine Art

Business Studies

Child Development



Computer Science

Creative iMedia

Design & Technology


Food Preparation and Nutrition 
Engineering Design




Graphic Design

Health and Social Care





Systems and Control in Engineering

Triple Science

BTEC Dance
is an extra course that you may like to opt for, however you cannot take this with BTEC Sport.
*COPE should be considered only for those very small number of students who may struggle to access some of the demands of multiple GCSE courses*

Please note that these are our current year 10 options, however they are very likely to change in the future to accommodate government policy changes.