Year 6 FAQs

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FAQ 1 - What if I get lost?

All the adults and other children in school know that you are new and are looking out for you. If you look lost or worried someone will offer to help. You will move around school with other new students in Year 7 and you will all help each other. You will have at least one tour of the school with your tutor before you have to find your way around. After the first 2 weeks, you will know where all your classrooms and other important places are – promise!

FAQ 2 - What if I’m not with my friends?

You will be with at least one friend from your Primary School in your form – this is also your teaching group for most subjects. You will see other Year 7s at break and lunchtime too.

FAQ 3 - What will happen on my first day?

You will arrive before the older students and start your day in the hall, coming together for the first time as our new Year 7s for a Welcome Assembly. You will have time with your form tutor in the morning to make sure that you have all the information you need. The remainder of the day will be spent taking part in ‘Finding Your Feet’ workshops.

FAQ 4 - What time does school start?

School starts with Tutor Time at 8.50. It’s a good idea to arrive in plenty of time and make your way towards your form room when the first bell rings at 8.45.

FAQ 5 - What if I’m late to a lesson?

Make sure you apologise and then settle in quietly.Always try your best to be on time to lessons. You might be a little late whilst you are still finding your way around and your teachers will understand this.

FAQ 6 - What if I forget my homework/equipment for a lesson?

At secondary school, you will get used to a lot of different lessons, teachers, books, pieces of paper, etc. Forgetting something now and again can happen to anyone. If you forget something, let your teacher know politely at the beginning of the lesson. Offer to hand in homework the following day. You may be able to borrow equipment from a friend, if not your teacher will help. If you are struggling with organisation, talk to your form tutor and ask for help. We have a Homework Hub for support, ran by a member of staff, which runs daily both before and after school.

FAQ 7 - What do I have to wear for school?

Make sure that you check the uniform rules on the website with your family before buying your uniform. The School Shop provides Belvidere uniform. Key things to remember:• Skirts and trousers must be smart and comfortable, NOT too short or tight. • You must wear smart, black school shoes NOT trainers or any shoes with visible branding. • You are not allowed to wear any make-up for school.

FAQ 8 - Can I use my mobile phone at school?

No. Your phone must be switched off in your bag from entering the school gate in the morning to leaving at the end of the day. If you need to contact home urgently during the day, reception staff will help you.

FAQ 9 - What if another student is unkind to me?

If another student’s behaviour makes you feel unhappy at school, you must let an adult know so that they can help you deal with the problem. Your form tutor is a good person to talk to.

The transition from primary to secondary school is an important milestone in the lives of children and their families. At Belvidere School, we pride ourselves on providing our new students, parents and carers with a smooth and extensive Transition programme; students arrive on their first day in September excited about the next chapter of their education, rather than feeling apprehensive. 

  • In Year 6, students and their parents and carers are invited to attend our Open Evening in October. Here, families can tour the school, participle in activities in each department and even have the chance to sample the delicious food prepared in our dining hall!
  • In their final term at Primary School, students will be visited by our Assistant Headteacher, Miss Revell, or the Head of Year 7 who will give an introductory talk and answer any questions that the students may have. Members of the pastoral and SEND team also gather information from the Primary Schools through talking to teachers about individual needs.
  • Later in the summer term, students spend two full days at Belvidere School and attend taster sessions. This helps them to acclimatise to the school environment alongside their new peers.
  • Transition evenings take place in July, allowing parents/carers to meet key members of our school staff.
  • On their first day of school in September, new Year 7 students arrive before the other year groups. They spend the first part of the day with their form tutor who will offer additional tours of the school and ensure that new students have all the information they need for the new term ahead. The rest of the day is spent participating in Finding Your Feet workshops.
  • In their first week, students will participate in a team building event on the school field, to have fun, make friends and get to know their House Captains.
  • A few weeks into the new term, we will host a Settling-In Evening, where parents and carers can meet the Year 7 form tutor team.

We hope, through this programme of activities, to make transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We will keep you informed about the different stages of the transition process, through face to face discussion on transition and settling-in evenings, and also through the information booklets sent home in the summer term. If any parent/carer would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For more information on School uniform please click here

Key Dates - New Starters Sept 2023

Transition Day(s) - 3rd and 4th July 2022

Transition Evenings - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Tutor Groups BEL - Monday 3rd July 2023
Tutor Groups VID - Tuesday 4th July 2023

Be Awesome, Go Big!

Be Awesome Go Big Square Logo  Below is a site with a selection of resources designed to help Year 6 students and parents with the transition from primary school to secondary. 
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