Links with our Feeder Primary Schools

In addition to the master class at the end of the Summer Term we also establish links throughout the year with our feeder primary schools. We are lucky to have a dedicated sports leader who is attached to Belvidere and organises several sports festivals throughout the year, involving students from many of our feeder Primary Schools.

In addition to this, we are sometimes able to invite students to work with some of our specialist teachers and come to Belvidere for a taste of various curriculum area lesson.

By the time students start with us in year 7 most students will have experienced Belvidere and we will have had the opportunity to meet many of them.

Below is an example of some of the activities we have offered in our Masterclasses:

  • Programming sequences in Computing
  • Working out the Maths Maze
  • A taste of forensics in Science
  • Storytelling and Drama in French
  • A look at the Olympics and the impact on the local community in Geography
  • Drama games and activities
  • Making balloon powered cars in Technology
  • St Winifred's bones - links to Shrewsbury Abbey
At Belvidere we are very keen to engage with our feeder Primary Schools and introduce the students to the whole Belvidere experience long before they start as a Year 7 student. With this in mind we now offer all of our feeder primary schools an opportunity to bring along their year 5 students towards the end of the Summer Term to take part in our well established ‘Masterclasses’.

Masterclasses involve the students coming to Belvidere and spending time within a subject area getting just a taste of some of the things we have on offer, learning new skills in a fun way. As well as giving the students to get a feel for the school and to meet some of the staff here we also ensure that they never leave empty handed and regardless of which curriculum area they visit they will take home something that they have created during the masterclass session.