Belvidere School Key Stage 4 Awards Archive

Listed with the most recent years towards top of the page.

Key Stage 4 Celebration 2017

KS4 Awards17

Art Cerys Conde Maths Joe Thompson
Biology Stan Bates Media Studies Sian Reynolds
BTEC Danc Lauren Smith Music Bethan Knight
Business Studies Maisie Bradfield Physical Education Charlie Stanton
Chemistry William Shore Physics Emily Kearns
Child Development Megan Edwards Product Design Jessica Bird
Computing Thomas Allport Psychology Bethan Huxtable
Craft style Cerys Tinkler Religious Studies Lucy Grayston
Drama Loren Bywater-Pryce Resistant Materials Alfie Clayton
Duke of Edinburgh Lucy Phillips Science Faith Edwards
English Language Lily Williams Spanish Marianna Pancosta
English Literature Kallem Sprott Systems and Control Travis Lawrence
Food and Nutrition Danielle Roberts Textiles Amiya Griffin
Food Technology Natasha Ankers Work Experience Oliver Gittins
French Ffion Collins Ashley Williams Award Margaret Jones
Geography Ben Buckley For Contribution to the Community  
German Saskia Smith-Wells Russell Award Dylan Collins
Graphics Archie Bates For Outstanding Academic Achievement  
Health and Social Care Miah Worley Belvidere Endeavour Award - Girls Lucy Salter
History Amy Wardle Belvidere Endeavour Award - Boys Luke Hyde
  Contribution to Expressive Arts Chloe Milward

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Key Stage 4 Celebration 2016

KS4 Awards 16

Art Jared Hawkins Imedia Christina Handley
Biology Holly Mead Library Caitlin Brockell
BTEC Construction Jordan Isaac Maths Cristian Vitale
BTEC Dance Lauren kin Media Studies Laura Smith
BTEC Science Olivia Turnbull Music Ella Collier
BTEC Sport Courtney Derricutt Physics Laura-Jayne Adamson
Business Studies Morgan Foster Product Design Charlie Rocke
Chemistry Sarah Pacaud Psychology Lucy Grayston
Child Development Georgia Walker Religious Studies Tom Halford
Drama Niall Yapp Resistant Materials Matthew Wear
Duke of Edinburgh Ruby Benniman Science Erris Lindsay
English Language   Spanish Megan Brookes
English Literature Clare Conroy Systems and Control Travis Lawrence
Food and Nutrition Emma Herbert Textiles Becky Allen
Food Technology Olivia Shepherd Work Experience Annie Caton
French Serena Vitale Ashley Williams Award Matthew Thomas
Geography Jack Putsorn For Contribution to the Community  
German Emily Lightwood Russell Award Megan Alcock
Health and Social Care Naomi Davies For Outstanding Academic Achievement  
History Ben Brown Belvidere Endeavour Award - Girls Katie Edwards
ICT Connor Grice Belvidere Endeavour Award - Boys Matthew Parry

Key Stage 4 Celebration 2015

KS4 Awards 2015

Art Charlie Wardle Imedia Louis
Biology Emma Magee Library Laura Smith
BTEC Business Studies Emily Hunt Maths Cristian Vitale
BTEC Construction Kai Ilsley Media Studies Jake Thompson
BTEC Dance Chloe Bateman Music Tom Turner
BTEC Science Olivia Turnbull Physics Ryan Hulme
BTEC Sport Hannah Nickless Product Design Peter Shingler
Business Studies Thea Beattie Psychology Jemma Booton
Chemistry Josh Davies Religious Studies George Duff
Child Development Kellci Jennings Resistant Materials Sam Harley
COPE Sian Armstrong Science Molly Jones
Drama Finn Hayeck Spanish Harriet Newton-Jones
Duke of Edinburgh Robert Chandler Sports Award Female Nicole Davies
English Language Daniel Parry Sports Award Male Liam Jones
English Literature Ellie Hutchings Systems and Control Isobel Halbert
Food and Nutrition Tierney Jones Textiles Jess Morris
Food Technology Winnie Mutengwa    
French Freddie Turner Work Experience Jordan Green
Geography Lucy Grime Ashley Williams Award  
German Jordon Tipper For Contribution to the Community  
Graphic Products Brad Evan Russell Award Jacob Caddick
Health and Social Care Chelsea Brandon For Outstanding Academic Achievement  
History Owen Rothwell Belvidere Endeavour Award - Girls Anna Marshall & Abigail Salter
ICT Niamh Simpson Belvidere Endeavour Award - Boys Matthew Hodgson

Key Stage 4 Celebration 2014

KS4 Awards 14

Art Gwennan Evans ICT Jack Holden
Biology Joanna Rogers ICT Functional Skills Matthew Briscoe
BTEC Science Jess Davies Library Lucy Rogers & Ryan Hulme
BTEC Sport Sam Carpenter Maths Karli Morris
BTEC Business Studies Taylor Griffiths Media Studies Rosy Rutherford
Chemistry Callum Breeze Music Merlin Hinton
Child Development Katie Wilson Religious Studies Reiss Manning
BTEC Construction Harvey Roscoe Physics Jack Durman
COPE Charlie Howard Product Design Bryony Potter
BTEC Dance Mia Valducci Psychology Kate Mager
Drama Charlotte Linighan Resistant Materials Cameron Griffin
Duke of Edinburgh Christian Willcocks Spanish Katie Payne
English Language Ruaridh George Sports Award Female Abi McCulloch
English Literature Cassie Vaughan Sports Award Male Brad Chadburn
Food and Nutrition Megan Thomas Systems and Control David Ball
Food Technology Martha Clarke Textiles Emma Wagstaff
French Olivia Dullek Work Experience Jordan Littlehales
Geography Nanci Davies Ashley Williams Award Kimberley Pacaud
Geography Entry Level Drew Flemming For Contribution to the Community  
German Alex Needham Russell Award Bertie Ashley
Health and Social Care Hollie Brookstein For Outstanding Academic Achievement  
History Theo Hayeck Belvidere Endeavour Award - Girls Jade Mitchell
    Belvidere Endeavour Award - Boys Oliver Shore


Key Stage 4 Celebration 2013


  Art Freya Baldwin ICT Leina Tanaka-Rogers
Biology Lowri Collins Library Tom Gough
BTEC Science Emily Reed Maths Sam Webb
BTEC Sport Rebecca Ball Media Studies Bradley Owen
Business Studies Aidan Guest Music Fergus Hamilton Collard
Chemistry Jessie Pickard National Certificate ICT Danny Marston
Child Development Alissa Singh PEaR Sally Bowen
Construction Callum Greenfield Physics Lucy Watkin
COPE Jake Neeve Product Design Kaisha Hansen
Dance Daisy Thomas Psychology Emilie Jones
Drama Felicity Coan Resistant Materials Jordan Darlington
Duke of Edinburgh Emma Balshaw Science – Double Amy Griffiths
English Language Matty Moore Spanish Hayley Walker
English Literature George Wellard Sports AwardFemale Katie Barnes Smith
Food and Nutrition Tsveti Nikolaeva Sports Award Male Adam Muller
Food Technology Tom Breese Systems and Control Adam Blizard
French Louise Brittleton Textiles Becky Ryder
Geography Nicole Leone Travel and Tourism Becky Joyce
German Stephen Pym Work Experience Ryan Field
Health and Social Care Emma Fellows Ashley Williams Award Kristian Leah
History Katie Black For Contribution to the Community
  Russell Award Jack Turner