Belvidere School Key Stage 3 Awards Archive

Listed with the most recent years towards top of the page.

Key Stage 3 Celebration 2019

KS3 Awards 18 

Art Maria Pileggi Library Adam Halford
Computer Science Sophie Goncalves Maths Eva Westcott
Dance Maddison McDonnell Music Miles Dunkley
Drama Morgan Lewis PE Sam Pryce
English Language Luca Rivara Product Design Aaron Hawkins
English Literature Leo Needham Religious Studies Emily Mitchell
Food Technology Elizabeth Carver Resistant Materials Rainers Lazdans
French Honor Williams Science Thomas Rose
Geography Elsa Guidon Spanish Keira Farmer
Graphics Jack Holton Systems Ewan Sims
German Gabriela Kwietniowska Textiles Molly Davies
History Oliver Chew    

Key Stage 3 Celebration 2018

KS3 Awards 18 

Art Meg Marston Library Jess Foxall
Computer Science Joshua Wynne Maths Emily Johnson-Tozer
Dance Amelie Jones Music George Phillips
Drama Rejerrah Hosie Meese PE Emily Pye
Electronics/Systems Joshua O'Brian Product Design Charlie Gregory
English Amelia Wigley Religious Studies Matthew Mulcahy
Food Technology Sarah Lightwood Resistant Materials Angelo Vitale
French Tomas Cores Birch Science Zack Porter
Geography Holly Williams Spanish Fiona Morfill
Graphic Products Nancy Rickard Textiles Mia Kay
German Georgia Pearce    
History Daniel Hanna-Davies  Achievement Cup Coral Bryan

Key Stage 3 Celebration 2017

KS3 Awarda 17

Art Jessica Davies Library Daniel Roberts
Dance Sophie Griffiths Maths Rowan Caddick
Drama Lennon Griffiths Music Aaliyah Young
Electronics/Systems Steffan Sims PE Ryan Taylor
English Olivia Rhodes Product Design Zoe Sadler
Food Technology Rosie Relf Religious Studies Ethan Huntley
French Laura Conroy Resistant Materials Bethany Pearson
Geography Nancy Walker Science James Philpin
Graphic Products Ella Mead Spanish Weronika Kowalczyk
German George Hartshorne Textiles Holly Cooke
History Freddie Duff    
Computer Science Alex Yorke Achievement Cup Francesca Rocke

Key Stage 3 Celebration 2016

KS3 Awards 2016

Art Poppy Hinton Library Tobey Ryan
Dance Lilli Breese Maths Luke Ure
Drama Austin Williams Music Tasarla Cunningham
Electronics/Systems Edward Prince PE Josh Perks
English Eleanor Thorp Product Design Stephen Haynes
Food Technology Lillie Bingham Religious Studies Martyna Szantyka
French Katelyn Stoker Resistant Materials Eve Mottershead-Castle
Geography Oshea Pritchard Science Callum Fone
Graphic Products Ellen Moseley Spanish Allison Birch
German Marloe Nudds Textiles Autumn Groome
History Ellis Oakley Achievement Cup Tom Mager

Key Stage 3 Celebration 2015

Belvidere KS3Awards 15

Art Jessica Bird Library Thomas Talbot
Dance Marianna Pancosta Maths Sian Reynolds
Drama Tom Enticknap Music Bethan Knight
Electronics/Systems Lizzy Bulmer PE Emily Morris
English Maisie Bradfield Product Design Gvidas Simanec
Food Technology William Shore Religious Studies Stan Bates
French Saskia Smith Resistant Materials Lily Williams
Geography Lauren Bywater-Pryce Science Thomas Allport
Graphic Products Emily Kearns Spanish Faith Edwards
German Chloe Milward Textiles Ffion Collins
History Dylan Collins Achievement Cup Bethan Huxtable

Key Stage 3 Celebration 2014

KS3 2014

Art Hannah Simpson IT Tom Milner
Dance Fay Powis Library Hannah Savage
Drama Katie Edwards Maths Tim Nottingham
Electronics/Systems Matthew Knight Music Clare Conroy
English Tom Carpenter PE Harvey Plimmer
Food Technology Daniel Dobson Product Design Paige Thomas
French Morgan Foster Religious Studies Ethan Huntley
Geography Chloe Cummings Resistant Materials Chloe Riding
Graphic Products Mollie Pragg Science Thomas Halford
German Emily Lightwood Spanish Serena Vitale
History Max Mahler Textiles Heather Mager

Key Stage 3 Celebration 2013

KS3 Awards

Art Peter Shingler Library Lucy Rogers
Dance Jessica Dornan Maths Zak Daly-Bah
Drama Finn Hayeck Music Chloe Bateman
English Ellie Hutchings PE Freddie & Tom Turner
Food Technology Zoe Bound PEaR Jordan Brookes
French Megan Gough Product Design Abigail Salter
Geography Lucy Grime Resistant Materials Jacob Caddick
Graphic Products Jordan Green Science Cristian Vitale
German Jordon Tipper Spanish Jess Morris
History Farhana Islam Systems & Control Charles Morris
ICT Daniel Parry  Textiles  Ryan Binnall