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Through our House System we can:

  • Foster personal and social qualities in students which will benefit and inspire them in their learning and life in general.
  • Continue to create a positive and collaborative community.
  • Foster a healthy sense of competition with activities throughout the year.
  • Develop team work by allowing students to work with students in other year groups and classes.
  • Promote leadership opportunities for students at any age.
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House Points
  Stokesay 9380
  Ludlow 9506
Hopton 11182
Whittington 10520

House System

The House System incorporates Vertical Tutoring with tutor groups comprising of 5 students from each year group. This does not affect the teaching groups that your son/daughter learn in, but enhance the collaborative care and guidance that we give our school community. It is about breaking down barriers and improving the atmosphere and feel within our school community.
This system benefits the students and the school in the following ways:

  • Creates a cohesive and friendlier school community where students know and work with students from other years ("like a family").
  • Bullying is reduced, as older students see younger ones as members of their tutor group with whom they associate on a daily basis
  • Easily accessible positive role models for younger students.
  • Students support one another and understand the stages that they will go through as they move through the school. This has the potential to increase aspiration and motivation.
  • Increased opportunities for students to develop their social skills through working with students of different ages.
  • Tutors can attend to small numbers of students at once, at critical times for them, e.g... New intake, option choices.
  • Corporate identity of each house – sense of belonging

A strong sense of competition is embedded into the House System. At the end of each term, the House Points are calculated and the winning House receives a reward. A House trophy is the crown that the four Houses will battle to possess at the end of each year. The Houses also compete on a regular basis in terms of their attendance and House Points. This allows a more collaborative focus on ensuring that all students are getting the basics right.

In Year 11, students are rewarded for their commitment towards independent research and their willingness to attend support/revision sessions. Students have loyalty cards and each completed card puts them into a raffle to win a voucher every half term. We are committed to ensuring that our students are rewarded for their personal commitment. Students are also working towards achieving their Prom Pass, a set of targets that they must meet to be invited to the legendary Belvidere School Prom.


As vertical tutoring is now a well-established part of school life at Belvidere, we have begun the process of peer mentoring within tutor groups. Tutors have created tutoring partnerships within groups and students have structured conversations, working collaboratively in the mentoring process. This continues to break down barriers and affords students with the opportunity to learn from each other. This is another example of us trying to improve the outstanding practice which already exists at our school.


We are delighted to announce we have appointed our Student Leadership Team for 2016-17. Our Year 11 prefects have a key role in supporting the school on a day to day basis as well as being ambassadors for the school.

The students took part in a rigorous and challenging process in order to become Year 11 Prefects. Only those students with outstanding behaviour and attendance records were eligible to apply. They completed an application form and attended an informal interview. We were incredibly impressed by the quality of the written applications. In particular, it is wonderful to have so many of our very busy, older students really wanting to give up some of their precious time in year 11 to help younger students.

Belvidere Prefects help out at key events such as Open Evening and are also given duties to help ensure the school day runs smoothly. These duties include: supervising Year 7 and 8 students in their zone at lunchtime; advising other students through the Prefect and Peer Mentor ‘drop-in’; mentoring vulnerable students in the Personalised Learning Centre; ensuring students move around the school in an orderly fashion and working with individual students to help support literacy and numeracy.

The Student Leadership team members are positive role models who set a good example to all our younger pupils. We wish them all well in their new roles!
We wish them all well in their new roles on the Student Leadership Team.

Prefects2016 17 s
Student leadership Team
Thomas Allport
Sophie Ball
Charlotte Barratt
Stan Bates
Jessica Bird
Patrick Brittleton
Loren Bywater-Pryce
Dylan Collins
Ffion Collins
Melissa Croxford
Nathan Dodd
Harry Hawkins
Bethan Huxtable
Margaret Jones
Thomas Jones
Emily Kearns
Jaymie Kerr
Bethan Knight
Marshall Macphee
Natasha Madzadzavara
JJ McKay
Catherine Owen
Marianna Pancosta
Lucy Phillips
Sian Reynolds
Danielle Roberts
Alicia Rowlands
Annie Ruel
Lucy Salter
Alexandra Sambrook
William Shore
Lauren Smith
Saskia Smith
Beth Taylor
Amber Whelan
Harry White
Lily Williams
Carla Williams-Hindle
Miah Worley
Karolina Wysocka