Green House LogoMiss Revell

Welcome to Hopton House

I have been working at Belvidere school for fifteen years now. I am originally from Scotland, and when I first arrived, what struck me about Belvidere school was how friendly both the staff and students were.  I feel part of a big family here, one of amazing students and staff, and I welcome parental involvement as much as possible to be a part of it all.

I am passionate about my role, both as a teacher of Geography and as a member of the Pastoral team (I am also passionate about the great outdoors and stickers).  I LOVE teaching Geography because I enjoy learning about new people and places. This has grown through the fun times I’ve had travelling the world and this is something I would like to impart onto you – to have an enquiring mind.

My philosophy in life is that you ‘reap what you sow’ and that is something that I also hope to instil in you. Our House motto chosen by the students, “Success is not by chance, it’s by choice” shows their understanding of the need to work hard and to be focussed so that goals can be achieved. However, school is not just about academic achievement – you need to have fun too!! My role is to ensure all of you are happy and supported, whatever your needs, and to make sure standards are high. This includes promoting positive behaviour and presentation, encouraging you to try your hardest and treating others with respect. To me, this is the recipe for success!!

There will be diverse challenges and fun events over the academic year ahead, giving you opportunities to use the range of talents and skills you have. These will give everyone scope to not only be involved in gaining House points but also to gain a huge amount of personal pride from individual and teamwork experiences.

As Head of House I will encourage you to take part in as many aspects of school life as possible (no matter how large or small). I hope you are all as excited as I am about the year ahead.