Local Governing Body

Our school has a Local Governing Body, made up of thirteen Governors. The membership is currently as follows:

Name of Governor Category of Governor Appointing Body Term of Office End of Office  Business Interests
Mr P Farr Head of School (1)  Ex-officio  Duration of Post  End of Post  None 
Miss H Thorpe Staff (2) Staff Election 4 Years   05/06/2023  None 
Mr M Edwards Staff  Staff Election 4 Years 22/06/2026 None
Mr M Sadler Parent (3)  Parent Election 4 Years 20/03/2023  Charity Trustee 
Mrs K Williams Parent   Parent Election   4 Years   19/05/2026 Youth Organisation 
Parent Vacancy
Mr P Jones  Co-Opted (8)  Academy Trust   4 Years   20/03/2023 School HR Advice Manager, Family Member is Practice Manager of a law firm
Mr R Parry Co-Opted Academy Trust   4 Years   31/12/2022 None
Mrs E Hart Co-Opted Academy Trust   4 Years   31/12/2022 None
Mrs P Moseley Co-Opted Academy Trust   4 Years   31/12/2022 Secretary of Charities
Dr J Flynn Co-Opted Academy Trust   4 Years   31/08/2022 Governor of 3 Academies/Trusts
Mr S Whycherley Co-Opted Academy Trust   4 Years   02/05/2026 Employer Field Studies Council
Mr P Johnstone Co-Opted Academy Trust 4 Years 06/06/2026 None

Governor Constitution - October 2022
Committee Membership - November 2022

The following LGB Governors have left in the last twelve months:

Mrs E Stevenson (Headteacher) Resigned 30/4/2022
Miss F Russell (Governor) Resgined 17/6/2022

There are four different categories of Governor at Belvidere School:

Parent Governors (3)
Parent Governors are elected by the parents of all students who are registered at the school. When a vacancy occurs, parents are informed by email or a letter from the Headteacher is sent home and nominations are invited.

Staff Governors (2)
The staff governor is elected by his/her colleagues. The Headteacher is also a Governor.

Co-opted Governors (8)
Co-opted governors are appointed by the Local Governing body and Trust because they come from a specialist group, such as the business community or because they possess a particular skill which can contribute to the governing body.
All Governors have the same responsibilities and an equal say on the Governing body

Governance Documents
Governor Attendance 2020-21
Governor Attendance 2021-22
Governor Attendance 2022-23

Shropshire CC

More information on governors is available from the Shropshire LEA website including how to apply to become a school governor.