As you will be aware, there is an ongoing change in the way schools are organised in England, with schools becoming academies, which are no longer part of a Local Authority. Most schools will, in future, become part of a Multi Academy Trust which will be responsible for many of the functions currently carried out by the Local Authority. Although not previously a priority for our school, the need to change to academy status is now inevitable, and we are therefore making plans for a future in which remaining as a Local Authority Maintained School will not be an option.

We are currently in discussions to form a new Multi Academy Trust (MAT) with two other local secondary schools. The three schools in the MAT will be Belvidere School, Mary Webb School and Science College, and Meole Brace School.

All three of the schools in the proposed MAT are successful schools, and we have worked together for many years through the Shrewsbury Partnership for Education and Training. Our vision is for a MAT where the three schools can collaborate on a wide range of issues, but retain their own independence and identities. We would like to reassure parents and carers that the schools will operate largely as they do now.

Discussions are at an early stage but the three Governing Bodies have agreed, in principle, to discuss the formation of the MAT. It is important to consult with key stakeholders, and the consultation period is currently ongoing, until Friday 5th May 2017. A consultation meeting for parents/carers has already been held, and we will be involving staff and students in the consultation over the coming weeks.
Should you wish to express any views on the proposed Multi Academy Trust, you are welcome to do so by emailing the following address:

A copy of the original letter to parents/carers is available here...