Alarm ClockIt is vital students arrive at school on time every morning to begin their lessons at 08:50.
Being frequently late for school adds up to lost learning.

If a student is:
  • Arriving 5 minutes late every day, adds up to 3 whole days lost each year.
  • Arriving 15 minutes late every day, adds up 2 weeks of lost learning.
  • Arriving 30 minutes late every day, adds up to 19 days absence over a year.

As you can imagine, this missed learning will have a severe impact on the progress your child will make. Please support us by helping your child to get organised and arrive punctually every day. Detentions will be set after school for repeated late arrival at school.

At Belvidere School we expect parents and families to support us in ensuring that students have excellent attendance. Many students achieve this and this is reflected in their results when they leave us at the end of their school careers. As parents/carers it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your child makes the most of their education by attending school every day.

Excellent Attendance Counts

Every single day a child is absent from school equates to five lessons of lost learning
We are currently trying to raise awareness of the importance of excellent attendance at Belvidere.

100% Attendance

0 Days Missed

95 % Attendance

9 Days of Absence
45 lessons missed

90% Attendance

19 Days of Absence
95 lessons missed

85% Attendance

28 Days of Absence
140 lessons missed

80% Attendance

38 Days of Absence
190 lessons missed

75% Attendance

47 Days of Absence
237 lessons missed

N.B-Two weeks holiday in term time = 50 lost lessons


Our IN TO LEARN initiative involves students tracking their own attendance weekly in tutor time so that they really understand the impact of missing days of school.

  • Your attendance is 100%
  • You get IN TO LEARN every day
  • Your attendance is between 98% and 100%
  • You are absent less than 4 days in the school year
  • Your attendance is between 95% and 98%
  • You are absent less than 10 days in the school year
  • Your attendance is between 90% and 95%
  • You are missing up to 20 days of the school year; that’s 4 WEEKS of absence!
  • Your attendance is between 85% and 90%
  • You are missing up to 30 days of the school year; that’s 6 WEEKS of absence!
  • Your attendance is below 85%
  • You need to take action and get IN TO LEARN now!


What to do if your child is absent 

We understand that there are occasions when attendance may not be possible due to illness or a medical condition and ask that parents/carers follow the school absence procedure and keep us informed of reasons for absence.

Please support our attendance policy by not taking your children out of school for holidays during term time. Any holiday which is taken during school time will be unauthorised.

Give your child the best chance of success; get them IN TO LEARN every day!


Further Information and Downloads

Holidays in term time – Shropshire Council

Leave of absence form

Belvidere Attendance policy